Become a dj’s and start your own personal show

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Become a DJ’s and start your own personal show

You are interested in music !? Have you ever thought about making a LIVE show or becoming a DJ’s or making your own show on the our radio !? Then this offer is just for you !!! It doesn’t matter where you live and what language you speak! This is your chance and a new start !!!

You can just compose your favorite playlist and play it on the air or make a personal talk and music show.

We offer you the opportunity to make your show at REMEMBER FORGOTTEN HITS station. You don’t need anything other than one software on your computer to connect to This software list has passed a successful test software called MIXXX which is available for all operating systems.

Act instantly and feel free to contact us right now, without being ashamed! You can start with your show right now! This takes a few seconds!


Quick step by step how to a become dj!

6 easy steps to start own show

  • Download FREE software MIXXX
  • Create our favorite music playlist
  • Send me email message to you have become a DJ
  • Im send you connection details
  • You configure own software to connect my radio station
  • Click play and your show listed online my radio station
  • This is very easy!!!


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